Tuesday, 26 June 2007

PLAY - You Don't Look The Same - 1983

Here's a record I came across in a dark and dusty back room of a music shop in Tarragona, Spain. This is a spanish release of a classic eighties album on survival records. The shop where I found it has now closed down (like so many more). They had stacks of vinyl albums left over from the 80's and early 90's, most of them in quite good condition, and most of them by groups I have never even heard of. 'PLAY' is a typical example. They say that you should never judge a book (or a record) by its cover, but I don't always agree. I've come across some great music based on the cover and the release date.

A little research on the net has helped me gather the following information on the band:

  • Members: Wayne Kennedy & David Rome
  • Albums:
    • Red Movies[1985] Survival (SUR B1)/Canyon
      A1. Red Movie
      A2. Erase the Memory
      A3. Deeper than Blue
      A4. This little Girl
      B1. Chasing the Sun
      B2. You don't look the same
      B3. In my Mind
  • Singles:
    • Chasing The Sun [1982] 7" Single; Survival (SUR 7 008)
    • Chasing The Sun c/w This Little Girl, Deeper Than Blue [1982] 12" Single; Survial (SUR 12 008)
    • You Don't Look The Same c/w Erasue The Memory / You Don't Look The Same (De-Mix) [1983] 7" Single; Survival (SUR 7 015)
    • You Don't Look The Same c/w Erasue The Memory [1983] 12" Single; Survival (SUR 12 015)
    • In My Mind c/w Red Movies / In My Mind (Remix) [1984] 12" Single; Survival (SUR 12 022)
The group were on Survival Records who are still going but with a change in focus.
Does anyone else know anything about this band?
I recommend it for fans of early eighties electronic, new romantic music!

Red Movies

Erase the Memory

Deeper Than Blue

This Little Girl

Chasing the Sun

You Don't Look the Same

In My Mind

You Don't Look the Same (De-mix)

In my Mind (Remix)

You'll find a post about them on Systems of Romance here 

All of these tracks are now available again on iTunes (probably because the band have een featured on many blogs) and the truth is that the sound quality of the itunes downloads is well worth the modest price.However, could someone tell itunes that the band boig is wrong.


Sinthea said...
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phaota said...

Any chance that you could reup these two songs for download?

Jenny said...

You don't happen to have the entire "Red Movies" album? If so, would you share it or repost these tracks please??

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Could you please, please, please reshare it.
It seems like nobody have it

tom francis said...

yes pleeeease upload them again

matty said...

hi i was able many years ago to own evrything this brilliant band released ,
the red movies album has just been re released on the medical records label and sounds fantastic .
does anyone know what ever happened to this very talented vocalist wayne kennedy

Anonymous said...

There's a cover version of Red Movies on this new LP