Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mirrors 2011 Singles

The white vinyl is a special record shop day release.

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Kylie Picture Discs

All 12 single picture discs

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U2 - 3 LP Purple Vinyl

Artificial Horizon - U2
The Artwork

Its hard to see in the photo but this is purple vinyl.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

John Ruth - I Am A Model

John Ruth - I am a model
Synth pop lost in the 80s


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Bought some new (second hand) records

Claudia Brucken, Human League, Gary Numan, M, John Foxx, Landscape, Visage, Blancmange,

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More on cleaning records

Use the cloth and alcohol to clean vinyl and covers. Be careful not to wet the labels on the inner circle of the records. While its fine to clean plastic laminated covers, be careful with alcohol on paper covers.

I always replace plastic covers and paper inner sleeves. They look great afterwards.

Run the lighter quickly over sticky price labels, but be careful not to burn. The heat loosens the sticky gum and makes it easier to remove price tags. Why do some stores put really sticky price tags which are really difficult to remove.

Alcohol removes most dirt and stains. Its better than the bottles of cd and record cleaner liquids.

Makes records look likw new before putting them with your collection.

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DIY - How to clean vinyl records and covers

The basic ingredients are new plastic covers and paper inner sleeves, a bottle of high percentage alcohol (96 if available) , a soft cloth and a lighter ( for removing price stickers ).

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The Roots of Paul McCartney free CD with Mojo

This month there's a freebie CD of McCartney's influences with Mojo magazine. Its very well packaged although like most of these free CDs I rarely listen. In fact my CD player has been broken for about 3 years. I either listen to vinyl or mp3s. I have three towers of CDs which I never seem to use. If I can't find a record on vinyl I usually just download it, cause I have no
interest in the CD. ....

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Discos Castello have NEW vinyl section

Castello, carrer Tallers, Barcelona. Seeing as no one is selling many CDs everyone is getting into all sorts of merchandise, t-shirts, books etc, and there are many new vinyl sections. Castello closed their Overstocks store which had their vinyl but have now opened a revitalised section in their othrr store, which before was CD only.

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Bought the new GaGa album on LP. Couldn't resist. Cost me 19.90€. I've seen it for almost twice that in other stores. Doubke vinyl gatefold with inner sleeves.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Lady Gaga 7 Singles Picture Discs

Here they are all together.
Just Dance
Bad Romance

In my opinion the best pic-disc set since the Thriller singles.

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