Sunday, 3 June 2007

More Weekend of music

Anyway, I also got to see a bit more of the Bowie film ‘Cracked Actor’. I taped it off the BBC last week and have been watching it in bits, whenever I get a chance when my daughter is having an afternoon nap (she’s 8 months). Bowie looks so cool all the time. He still does even in 2007. And I love to watch him perform but I was never really into sitting at home listening to his music. I think its because he’s so visual that the music alone isn’t enough, for me. I know that any fan of Bowie will think that’s rubbish, but I’ve tried to listen to a full album of his and I get a bit edgy after about 20 minutes, not bored, just restless, I just would prefer to watch a DVD of a Bowie concert. That’s weird cause usually if I buy a concert film I end up watching it once and then forgetting about it. I‘ve never seen U2 in concert so I’ve bought a couple of their live DVDs. They’re fine to watch once, twice at most.

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