Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Albums I should like... but don't.

Did you ever buy an album and think that you were really going to like it, but were shocked to find that its a piece of shite (in your personal opinion, obviously) and you can't stand listening to it?

You've read all the reviews in the music magazines and they're all really positive. It sounds just like the type of thing that you'll love. You see it reviewed on someone else's blog who has similar tastes to your own and they absolutely love it. And then you come across it in your favorite record shop. It must be good if they’ve got it here. You love the cover design. But you haven't heard any of it yet.... Oh shit, I'll buy it. It has to be excellent. I'll love it. The new discovery of the month.

And then you play it and you think ?oh, I didn't expect that'. You hate it.
Maybe the next song will be better. It's not.
Maybe its a slow burner, a slow grower. I should play it a few times. The better albums are always the 'growers' not the instantly catchy.
I still don't like it.
The lyrics sound weak. Maybe I don't understand them.
Maybe if I put it on in the background while I work. A few more listens and I'll love it.

I don't like it. Can I have my money back please?

Case in point. Patrick Wolf - Wind in the Wires.

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