Sunday, 26 April 2009

Madness - Embarrassment [Live on Later...with Jools Holland 21.04.09]

I've turned on the TV and its 1982!

On Friday night I tuned in to the BBC to see the reunion which many of us thought we'd never see, Spandau Ballet. I was 12 in 1982 so although I loved all the new romantic bands and spent all my pocket money on their singles, I was too young to see any of them live (except the rock n roller Shakin Stevens who my aunt brought me to see at the Savoy Theatre in Limerick, Ireland in June or July 81, cause her husband was a bouncer at the theatre). When the orginal Duran Duran got back together a few years back I couldn't believe my luck when I finally got to see them at the Razzmatazz in Barcelona. And since then we've see reunions by OMD, Yazoo, Ultravox and many more. But Spandau Ballet ended their relationship on such bad terms that many thought they would never get over the court case that seemed to end any chances of a reunion, ever!

My thoughts on seeing them on Jonathon Ross? They seemed to be really getting on. They played extremely well. The music sounded great. I'll go to see them if I can get tickets.

But most of all its changed my mind on the possibility of other reunions. I was always of the mind that we would never see a Smiths reunion. And I still think its highly unlikely, but if this lot can actually want to be in the same room together after such a bad falling out, then I think that anything is possible, even a Smiths return, or at least a Morrissey and Marr show.

And at the end of his show Jonathon Ross announced that next week, live on the show, he'll have Depeche Mode!!! It really is 1982 again!

And to cap it all off, I turned over to BBC to watch the Jool's Holland show and there was Madness singing old songs and new tunes from their new album!

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