Thursday, 14 May 2009

Fingerprintz - One of the great forgotten bands of the 1980s

I know, I've written about Fingerprintz on a number of previous posts but quite a few people have requested some music from them. I haven't been able to track down their music on sale anywhere, except on vinyl on ebay. I have no knowledge of a CD release of their music. So, here's a few tracks (recorded from vinyl LPs and found on a torrent on the web). I really love their music and i discovered this group some years back while going through the bargain bin at Easons book store. What a find! I paid 99p (or was it 50p) for the album Beat Noir and managed to find their two other albums just a few years ago.

Get Civilised - from Beat Noir

The Chase - from Beat Noir

Echo Head - from Beat Noir

And from Distinguishing Marks:

Bulletproof Heart

Houdini Love

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