Thursday, 4 November 2010

Some new vinyl records I've bought recently

This is a great new 12inch picture disc of the Hurts single

This is a mint copy of John Martyn's Piece by Piece on vinyl. Its absoluetly perfect, totallty mint condition, even the cover looks like it was printed yesterday.

I just had to track down the Journey vinyl album with the Glee song 'Don't Stop Believing'!
At last I've found a copy of the John Foxx album The Garden with the free books still inside (which isn't really a book, more like an extended inner-sleeve). Brilliant!
Rolf Harris, Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport, in great condition on EPIC Records from 1963, for 1 euro!!
Can't remeber what you call this type of record, where they have something sort of printed onto one of the sides. Anyway, I've never seen this before. 12inch of I don't want your love, with etched side (I think its called etched).
A Thin Lizzy (bootleg) on which vinyl.

A real find! I think. Its an original issue of the Shakin Stevens & the Sunsets 1974 album, dutch issue on Novola records, in mint condition (some slight creases on the cover but otherwise perfect, never played)  To top it off, its a promotional disc as you can see in the photo below (disco promocional - prohibida su venta). I have no idea where this has been burried for nearly 40 years but I found it at the record fair in Barcelona (Fira del Disc) in October. I paid 30 euros which I think is a very good deal. Anyone know anything else about this record?

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Liam Johnson said...

Hey sweet records!!! I'm becoming more of an aesthetic vinyl fan myself -- definitely more than I used to be. Keep on truckin' -- ps ever get on I"ve found some pretty interesting lesser-known singles there!