Tuesday, 10 July 2007

"If you want to save the planet, let me see you jumping up and down" - Madonna, Live Earth

Madonna is a real interesting case. Did you see her performance at Live Earth? Its amazing how she can be so good and so crap in the one short set. Her new song 'Hey You' was terrible, embarrassing dross. It really was that bad. And her gypsy version of 'La Isla Bonita' was painful to listen to, and even worse to see.

But then she played 'Ray of Light' which was absolutely brilliant. It was probably the best performance in terms of 'putting on a show' in the whole day. It was highly entertaining, a showbiz expert at her very best. I loved it.

In case you missed it I've pasted it above. If you want to see Madonna at her very worst then check out the other two songs on YouTube.

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