Monday, 2 July 2007

What's on my wall this month.

here's what's on my wall this month.

Neon Bible - Arcade Fire (Is this just a loud racket of too many people playing at once or it is a classic album?)

Ban bang rock n' roll - Art Brut (I've been looking for this for ages. Finally found it over the weekend on blue vinyl).

Ringo - Ringo Starr (I found this for 3 euro over the weekend, original copy in perfect condition. Bargain).

Panic Prevention - Jaime T. (The best act of Glastonbury 2007).

Our Earthly Pleasures - Maxïmo Park (Great new album).

Favorite Worst Nightmare - Artic Monkeys

Version - Mark Ronson

The Sun and The Moon - The Bravery (Pic Disc - Great except the whistling track, rubbish).

Burning the Ground - Duran Duran (found this in a second hand record shop, 12' mix of songs from the Decade album).


Evan Wu said...

Hey I like Arctic Monkets very much! What do you think about Favourite Worst Nightmare? By the way, your blog is amazingly cool! :D

Blogger said...

Hey, Thanks for the comment. Its the first I've received even though there seem to be quite a few people reading the blog. I didn't think anyone would have any interest in reading my ramblings. I'm still listening to Favorite Worst Nightmare and I think I'll need a month or so to have a reliable opinion on it. So far, its the kind of record that depending on my mood I'll listen to the whole album thru , or just turn it off after one song.

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