Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Back to Life

Back to life...

I've been busy being a music consumer over the last few months but I haven't found the time or inspiration to write about it. Maybe its because I get the feeling that I'm writing only for myself (who better person to write for?). Anyway, today I bought a couple of CDs for my birthday which is next week. I've agreed with my girlfriend that there will be no birthday presents this year (we're up the walls with other things) so I decided to treat myself to a few CDs. I bought ...

I was gonna buy the Roisin Murphy album from HMV online on vinyl (its a double coloured vinyl edition!!) but its 25 quid sterling, no way! How can you jstify 25 quid for an album. That's nearly 35 euros (plus post and packing of 2 quid extra), when you can buy the CD for 9,99 euros.

The 'La China' album De Amor y Muerte is a real find. I know nothing about her yet, just that she's on Subterfuge Records and she's the singer in the group Cycle (see myspace here) . The CD is really excellent, electro 80's influenced spanish pop. You'll find more info here (in Spanish)

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